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Estate Agent Web Site

Example of a layout, Click the above image for a larger view   [...]

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26 Great WordPress Jquery Plugins and Tutorials

jQuery is ideal because it can create impressive animations and interactions while being [...]

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Beautiful Typography for WordPress Using the @Font-Face Rule

Give your BuddyPress default theme a little kick with the @font-face CSS rule. [...]

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Yet Another Related Post – WordPress Plug-in

Yet Another Related Posts Plugin (YARPP) gives you a list of posts and/or [...]

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Create Multiple Loops In WordPress

Wordpress is a great platform, and these days it is becoming easier and [...]

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Great Examples Of Blog Headers

The header is likely the first thing a new visitor sees on a blog, [...]

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How to Widgetize a WordPress Theme

What Are Wordpress Widgets WordPress Widgets (WPW) is like a plugin, but designed [...]

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Using Xampp for developing

A great article and video on using Xampp as a development tool When developing websites [...]

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How to show a specific post in any location on your site

If you are looking for php code or a plugin for your WordPress that takes a post ID and returns the database record for that post then read on. This is very helpful when you want to show a specific post on your homepage or other pages to get more attention. It allows you to design your homepage or a page with the post(s) that you want to be shown on the page rather than the 10 recent posts that the WordPress automatically chooses for you. […]

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10 Plug-ins to improve the WordPress Admin

For an open-source blogging CMS, WordPress’s admin interface is pretty dang good. With [...]

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